We have been growing and caring for tomatoes for 4 generations.

We have combined tradition and experience with modern cultivation techniques to bring a consistently excellent, fresh product with phenomenal nutritional properties to our customers’ tables.

Casa Grimaldi - love for the Territory and Tradition

Casa Grimaldi was born in a country renowned for having given its name to the variety of tomato, the highest expression of Italianness in the world, San Marzano Sul Sarno. We strive for continuous excellence and aim to perfect our planting, harvesting and processing techniques. One of our main points is to remain faithful to the rural tradition while trying to adapt it to the modern world. The company is family-run. Casa Grimaldi’s PSR (Rural Development Plan) project was awarded by the President of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca.

Our mission

We were born out of the need to fill a gap in the Italian market for natural products, without added contaminants, and of excellent quality, entirely Made in Italy.
We carry out our work with absolute respect for our land and the resources it provides.
All our products are processed in an artisanal way with the help of our experienced farmers.

We constantly monitor our land and the water we use, the latter taken directly from the aquifer below the company and constantly controlled by the reference body GORI.

Our aim is to bring to the Italian table the best ingredients of our territory and our rural tradition.

What customers say about us What customers say about us

The tomato puree and the company’s tomatoes show careful work both in harvesting and in packaging at very high levels. Dense and fragrant, the tomato sauce can be used for any preparation. 100% Italian and completely natural product. A real delicacy.

Chef L,

I had the opportunity to taste peeled and pureed tomatoes – an excellence of the past – flavors and aromas of the past – Thanks Casa Grimaldi

Emilio S.

Good evening! This morning I got the sauces .. very fast! I got to taste it and I must say that it is really excellent! See you soon at the next order! Thank you !

Roberta B.

Here I am. The goods have arrived and I want to let you know that I made the sauce with San Marzano wines for lunch. Really good. I can’t wait to taste the Amalfi … I tried the oil raw and it is a good product, despite being used to the Ligurian one. Thank you again and I congratulate you on the packaging. I have never received goods treated so well.

Antonella C.

Really great products. Arrived this morning and immediately tried the San Marzano tomatoes, finding them very good. Also, I have never received goods so well packed. This is also important to me.

Ida C.

Hi guys, what tomatoes .. What sauce, what flavor, what taste .. I’m speechless (top, top.top)

Andrea R.

Hello, I live in Novara and after purchasing some products I feel obliged to congratulate. The speed of delivery and the very high quality of the product are their strong point. I highly recommend the oregano which releases a scent that I haven’t smelled for a long time when the jar is opened, the past is excellent. Perhaps the price might seem high but once you try the products you will change your mind.

Maurizio Lombardo

this is a superior quality product, with an intense taste, and supplied with basil leaves internally of the Mediterranean variety, with lettuce leaf, which gives greater aroma to the preserves and the consequent cooked sauce

Bob Aivillino

they are good, genuine products, it looks like the tomato that was once made at home. There is no comparison with large-scale retail products, it is true, they cost a little but I am of the opinion that you do not save at the table. You can give up a pair of shoes but a good healthy dish with a very Italian origin, I won’t give up. Recommended to the thousand per thousand

Nadia Fraguglia

exceptional and genuine products.

Barbara Gilardoni

Casa Grimaldi thanks to you for the quality and authenticity you put into your products. Finally real CAMPANI products.

Maurizio Lombardo

Any dish, cooked with this product, improves and enhances the flavor. Of course, it has its price, but he deserves it and in my opinion he doesn’t save at the table. You save on superfluous, not on food. Food is health.

Nadia Fraguglia

The intense taste of these products takes you back to a time when everything was more genuine! It has always been said that ‘we are what we eat’ and indeed it is true… the right foods are essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Chef Palladino

Great everything but I thought so, congratulations and best wishes

Gabriella Fava

Really good products!

Serena M

High quality products, punctual and courteous. I recommend those who do not know this company to try their products and you will be satisfied. 100% satisfied.

Enrico Palmerini